wendy (exstasia) wrote in 2tired2finish,

by my leg.

i am one of those who has woken up to a strange buzzing noise, only to find my dildo sleeping in bed with me like a lonely teddy bear. duracel really is the copper top, ladies and gentlemen (or um, rebekah and rebekah). i have always used duracel and many a night have fallen asleep with my vibrator still on. in the morning she is still going strong! this should be made into a commercial. you know those new duracel commercials?

(imagine that cheezy announcer voice man)
when mikey plays his disc man, he always uses duracel.

on another side of the country, it is a little more extreme, but giliah librach always uses duracel when beating her shit off. even when she falls asleep mid-mouse click, her dildos are always convulsing and ready to go when she wakes up the next day.

so whether or not you are jammin to some tunes or just desperately need to rub one out, trust duracel. the copper top.
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